Shower Curtains now at Sin In Linen

Sin in Linen continues to grow beyond the bedroom as we introduce our first shower curtains this month! The Skullstar print has been a big hit in sheet sets and duvets so it seemed like a great print to break into the bath with. Made with the same high quality 230 thread count cotton sateen fabric as our sheets, the Skullstar shower curtain has the standard 12 reinforced eyelets for hanging. They’re beautiful, soft, and low maintenance. Paired up with some Jolly Roger hand and bath towels, bathtime will always make a splash.



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3 responses to “Shower Curtains now at Sin In Linen

  1. M.King

    Could I offer any ideas to you and have them made into your product? I also have an artist here that does wonderful work and was wondering if you were open to any new ideas.
    Love the linens!
    i_M@K Design

    mentioned you on my blog today—hope it will send more people your way


  3. Hey Sandy!
    Haven’t checked on you in a while. Congrats on nailing the BIG account! You go girl!
    Just got on the sight. I think I’ll do a little buying for the store. All the best to you. (and mom!)

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