2010 Sin in Linen Calender shoot

We have complied some fun shots from our calender shoot this year for your viewing pleasure.

Miss Indigo Blue, headmistress of the  Academy of Burlesque posing with our Wish You Were Here Pinup Curtain Panel.

Miss Kitty Baby of Kitty Baby Burlesque and The Pinup Angels styling Morning Gorey of the Rat City Roller Girls

Jovie  Miller rockin our God Save the Sheets bedding

Sandy and Sarah with a 59′ Thunderbird used in the shoot.

Our Miss February the Fuchsia Foxx. Don’t miss her performance’s at the Moisture Festival April 1st -3rd at the ACT Theater.

A video by Rob Butler, RJB Photo

A Special Thanks To:

Indigo Blue, Miss Kitty Baby, Fuschia Foxx, Morning Gorey, Skate Trooper, Sandy Glaze, Sarah Melton, the Shanghi Pearl, Jovie Miller, Mighty Mo, Brandy Rettig,  Kindra Meyer, Lucky Penny, Rob Bulter (RJB Photo), Lilly Warner, Alison Wonderland, Dozer and Penny.


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