What’s on Sin in Linen’s bed?

Leopard and Skull bed

Leopard Print and Skulls Unite

Ever wonder what the Sin in Linen staff sleeps on? Above is a photo of Sarah, our customer service manager’s bed. She has blended some all of her favorite colors and patterns in her bed by mixing Leopard Prints, Black and Skulls. Her bed is dressed in a Black Skullstar Sheet set, Natural Leopard Duvet Cover, and Shams, Silver Foiled Black Leopard Throw Pillows, Jolly Roger FlagShip Skulls Pillowcases and a Black Skullstar Throw Blanket. Its not very noticeable in this photo but Sarah puts the 2 Black Skullstar Pillowcases from her sheet set to cover a body pillow.  The bed is flipped so that the long edge is against the wall, Sarah says its to “Make room for more pillows”.

To find the bedding in this photo please visit SininLinen.com


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