Miss June

Sarah, Sin in Linen

Sarah, Sin in Linen

The Sin in Linen June Calender Model is our very own customer service person, Sarah! Having Blue hair, we decided to dress her up as one of the Blue Haired Pinup Girls featured on our Flash Tattoo Shower curtain that she is posing with. Sarah also customized a fabric swatch of this blue-haired pinup for her  jacket because one of her nicknames is SarahBlue.

Sandy discovered Sarah at a local mailing center where Sandy was always coming in to ship things. As new Sin in Linen prints would arrive in the mail, she’d show them to Sarah who became a fan. One day Sandy asked Sarah if she would be interested in helping with some mailing projects. Sarah, who was known among friends for having a ‘healthy linen collection’ was more than happy to help. Eventually she started to work for Sandy full time and has been with the company for almost 2 years now and we couldn’t be happier.

“Working for a bedding company that has designs I always love, a great boss, and having the freedom to dye my hair blue. Why would I leave?” – Sarah.


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