Let the Sparks Fly!

Dirty Linens Girl Power and Vice Glasses

Dirty Linens Girl Power and Vice Glasses

With 4th of July coming up, are you planning to express your independence by getting your drink on?

Ditch the beer coozie and show some class with sass by using cocktail glasses that show off your vices. Whether it be stacks of money, tattoos, vixens or gambling-we have a glass that represents your taste. For the next month all barware is 25% off.

Gorey and Trooper

Gorey and Trooper

Wedding Registries and Wish Lists

The air is buzzing lately with wedding plans and we’re getting a lot of requests to include Sin in Linen products on Wedding Registries and Wish Lists. This warms our heart because what better way to consummate a marriage than on saucy sexy sheets? Sin in Linen is a perfect unique gift for newlyweds embarking on their lives together.

In addition to purchasing on our website, you can also find our entire catalog at amazon.com from the Sin in Linen Amazon Storefront and added to any Amazon Wedding Registry or Wish List.Amazon is the largest online shopping site with millions of products to choose from which makes it a great place to create a handy, easy to use Wedding Registry and Wish List.

We also offer Gift Certificates so the couple can choose gifts for themselves.

Gifts for lovers

Swallow and Heart and Dagger Throw Pillows

Swallow and Heart and Dagger Throw Pillows

25% off Coupon Code

When it comes to marriage, we believe in equal rights for anyone in love who wants to take the plunge towards wedded bliss. This month, we’re extending a 25% coupon code, EQUAL25 in support of same sex marriage.

10% of proceeds from this promotion will go to PFLAG. Their mission promotes the health and well-being of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered persons, their families and friends through:

· Support to cope with an adverse society
· Education to enlighten an ill-informed public
· Advocacy to end discrimination and secure equal civil rights.

Check out the Sale Page for super deep discounts!

Dirt Cheap


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