Miss July-Sin in Linen Proprietrix, Sandy Glaze!

“You bet your Lucky Stars I sleep on Sin in Linen!” Says Sin in Linen‘s founder Sandy Glaze, our Calendar girl of the Month.

Sandy Glaze

Sandy Glaze-Photo by RJB Photo

In 2002 while searching for a comforter, Sandy Glaze realized there were virtually no products to match her adventurous style. This was the spark which lit her passion to start a company to provide quality bedding with an edgy look. In 2004 Sin in Linen launched with one design – a 1940’s vintage pinup on bedsheets.

“Being born and raised in Hawaii gave me an appreciation for lush patterns and colors.” says Glaze. At the age of 9 Sandy and her mother moved to Los Angeles in the early 80’s where she immersed herself in the local punk rock scene and was lucky to attend a huge list of live shows by influential bands such as Black Flag, Red Kross, Minutemen and X to name just a few.

At the close of the 80’s Glaze moved to Arizona and spent the next 7 years touring with the Meat Puppets and taking classes at Arizona State University in Art and Engineering. “Bands embody true entrepreneurial spirit and I learned a lot about digging deep in those years.” Traveling extensively and going to college gave Glaze a broader outlook to know that anything is possible. With that faith and confidence she reached for the stars to pursue her dream to start Sin in Linen.

In the early years of Sin in Linen, Glaze juggled the responsibility of starting a business with the commitment of playing roller derby. As Ann Munition, she was one of the founders of Seattle roller derby league The Rat City Rollergirls playing for Grave Danger. “Roller derby taught me how to get back up when you are knocked down and to come up swinging.”


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