New Circus Pin-up Bedding! Get Your Circus Freak on!

Sin in Linen Black and White Stripe Circus Themed Bedding

Step Right Up!

Big Top Stripes Circus Bedding
Make your bedroom the greatest show on earth. Whether you’re the ringmaster or the clown, the lion tamer or the lion, these classic stripes will help you juggle your crowd-pleasing tricks and daredevil acts.
Printed on luxuriously woven 100% cotton, 300 thread count sateen. Available on Sheet Sets, Duvet Covers, Comforters, Pillowcases, Curtain Panels and Shower Curtains.

Get your circus freak on!

Sin in Linen Pinup Girl Pillowcases

Tie me up, Tie me down

Fit to be Tied
These pillowcases are your ticket to a private showing. After deciding that life is best lived without a safety net, the gal on these pillowcases ran away with the circus and didn’t look back. Crowds watch with awe as she flies, twists, and turns through the air. The playful glint in her eye is a reminder that some of her tricks aren’t for kids.

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