The Circus is in Town!

Welcome to the Big Top

Welcome to the Big Top 

Get your circus freak on, whether you’re the ringmaster or the lion tamer these black and white striped bedding sets will help you juggle your crowd-pleasing tricks and daredevil acts.

Our Big Top Stripe bedding features wide black and white stripes inspired by the bold stripe patterns on the Big Top Tents at the Circus. Everybody knows the big top is where the main attraction is so turn your bed into the greatest show on earth with some classic yet bold black and white stripe sheets sets, duvet covers, comforters or pillowcases. You can also accent other rooms in the home with our black and white stripe shower curtains, curtains and valances!

The gal on these pillowcases is ready to assist you while you perform your tricks.

Softie - The girl with rope

Softie – Drawing by Krysztof Nemeth

After deciding that life is best lived without a safety net, Softie ran away with the circus and didn’t look back. Crowds watch with awe as she flies, twists, and turns through the air. The playful glint in her eye is a reminder that some of her tricks aren’t for kids. These pillowcases are your ticket to her private showing.

All of our Black and White Stripe Bedding items and Softie Pillowcase Sets are made of 100% Cotton, 300 Thread Count Sateen.

Black and White Stripe Duvet Covers ($99-$129)

Black and White Stripe Sheet Sets ($69-$129)

Black and White Stripe Comforters ($99-$139)

Black and White Stripe Pillowcases ($29)

Black and White Stripe Home Decor ($19-$39)

Softie Pillowcase Set ($29)


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