Let your love light shine

Will you be mine?

Will you be mine?

We all have different ways of expressing our love. Whatever chord Valentine’s Day strikes, we have something that will bring out a smile. Swing by Sin in Linen and pick out a gift for your self or your sweetie.

Here’s some hints for special gifts. We’re introducing brand shiny new products and are offering super sale items.

Put some shimmy in your shake!

Put some shimmy in your shake!

Solid complete coverage sequin curtains, shower curtains, pillows and blankets. Forget about vajazzling. These sequin jewels are less expensive and last longer.

Throw Pillows


-Shower Curtains

-Curtain Panels

Love for Sale!

Love for Sale!

For a limited time, we are blowing out a bounty of love inspired sweet Sin in Linen treats. Check out our Sale Page to grab a great deal today!


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