Win a Sin in Linen Sequin Throw Blanket!

Silver Sequin Throw Blanket

Silver Sequin Throw Blanket

It’s contest time! This month we are giving away a Silver Sequin Throw Blanket.

Here is how to get your chance to win:

1. Send us an email saying “Sign me up!” to info [@] Or send us a message on Facebook with your email address.

2. Your email address will be added to our Sin in Linen Pillow Talk mailing list.

3. Your email will also be added to a list of contest participants and on the 22nd of April we will put all the numbers in a hat and draw the winner!

4. If you are the winner you will receive an email letting you know.

As a member of our Pillow Talk mailing list we will send you updates about new products, sales, popular items back in stock, and the occasional coupon code. We will not send you more than 2 emails a month (unless something crazy amazing is happening and we HAVE to tell you about it, then we will make an exception). You can unsubscribe from the updates at any time.

See an example of our mailing list update



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2 responses to “Win a Sin in Linen Sequin Throw Blanket!

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  2. princessmayhem

    ooh how excitement! x

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