Sin in Linen Pinup Calendar – Miss January

 Miss January - Iva Handfull

Miss January – Iva Handfull

Our Miss January 2012 is a Seattle legend, Iva Handful. She has been performing live for over five years and continues to wow audiences with her wild, intense, and captivating burlesque performances.

Known for impersonating both men and women including such famous faces as Prince, Madonna, Annie Lennox, and more hilariously Napoleon Dynamite, Iva has performed at numerous venues across Seattle including The Pink Door, Teatro Zinzanni, and Theatre Off Jackson.

Iva has also spent numerous hours organizing and hosting fundraisers for important charities like NARAL, Breast Cancer Awareness, PAWS, and Planned Parenthood. We are very excited about Senior Moments coming this weekend at Theater Off Jackson.

Shown above modeling with our Silver Sequin Curtain Panels and Zebra Sheets.

2012 Pinup Calendars still available on our website for $11 and free shipping.



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