Miss March – Drew Blood!

Britta Lyle, better known in the derby community as “Drew Blood” is not clowning around. She started playing the hardcore sport of roller derby for the Rat City Rollergirls in 2004, just after its initial inception. Now considered a “founder” of the league Drew continued to skate for her team the Sockit Wenches and with the RCRG All Star Team until 2008. A terrible back injury in 2007 put her on the bench for a little while but determined Drew completely rehabilitated and amazingly came back to play in the National Roller Derby Championships in 2008!

After the 2008 Season Drew went “Alumni” (still on the league but not an active skater) and spread her knowledge and inspiration by becoming the Sockit Wench’s head coach and All Star Team’s assistant head coach.

Drew began performing burlesque at Roller Derby related events in 2006. She performed in all three “Black Eyed Burlesque” shows at the Little Theater Off Jackson (a roller derby themed burlesque show) and impressively makes all of her own costumes. She has recently left roller derby to pursue her stage career as a performer and costumer.
Drew recently performed in Pinups and Pasties, Pinup Angels and the Miss Kitty Baby event. She is also on the cast of the Blue Velvet Burlesque Revue at the Highway 99 Blues club and loves that…

“I’m a card girl in the spirit of old style burlesque shows!”

We are proud to present Drew Blood as our Sin in Linen March Pinup Girl!


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