Rob Butler is RJB Photo

The smoking man himself, Rob Butler

Rob Butler is the man behind RJB Photo. He has been a Seattle based photographer for over 13 years. Rob has been a fantastic asset to Sin In linen for over 6 years and has shot many of our product photos featured on our website at He also has taken many of the photos featured in our fantastic Sin In linen annual calender. Rob is known for his rich colors, textures and shadows for fun pinup and rockabilly themed shoots. Capturing buxom beauties the way Rob does is a dauntless specialty of his that has aspiring photographers weak in the knees. His keen ability to capture the flirt of a pretty pinup or the smolder in a sassy sexpot has made him truly one of the most highly sought after guys in town.  We caught up with Rob to chat about his inspirations and his role as an all an around awesome Seattle man.

Where did you begin in your fun world of striking photography?

I picked up a 110 camera and flash cubes when i was young, graduated to a 35-mm Pentax K100 film camera in my teens.  Studied B&W photography in Minneapolis in the late 80s, moved out to Seattle in the 90’s, decided I wanted to get out of the cooking business and into photography full time.
Went to the AIS (Art Institute of Seattle) and upon graduation, quit cooking and started shooting full time as a advertising photographer, that also allowed me to chase my other passions such as Pin-up photography, both modern and vintage.

When and how did you get involved with Sin In Linen?

Oh man, I’m not good with exact dates… I didn’t know there was going to be a test here as well!… HA..
I believe it was through roller-derby and mutual friends/artist that Sandy and I got to know each other and started working together back in about 2007.

Note from Sandy: Rob and I met through the talented and debonaire Krystof Nemeth at a Go-go Amy girly show at Chop Suey in 2007. Here’s a video from that night:

You’ve worked with some pretty amazing artist over the years, any highlights?

I love to incorporate props into my model shoots and working with things you cannot easily control, like snakes, lions, fire, cops, can bring on a variety of interesting situations! But then there are things that you can control that still seem to get out of hand, like metal cutting/grinding, guns with live ammo, naked bodies in public, such as the R-rated photo shoot in a bar that turned into an X-rated shoot by the time it was over. Catching a band member on fire during a promo shoot for an article. Wardrobe malfunctions are the norm working with burlesque performers and shooting in bars and clubs late-night backstage with lots of nudity, drugs and alcohol, can also make for an evening of crazy situations let-me-tell-you!

How has your style evolved over the years?

I feel my style has evolved along with the type of equipment I use, the places I shoot and the people I have worked with.  As I look back through my archives, I seen shifts and changes in my general style and look of photography with a couple of remaining constants, “lighting, color and pretty girls”. I love being able to control my light in any situations.  That is why I am usually working with very powerful studio strobe lighting. With that I can shoot from midnight to mid day bright high sun and still be able to wrap the light around my subjects. Next is my love of color, sometimes I’ll focus on one color spectrum, while other times using combinations of, or complimentary color pallets in my photos.

What’s next?

With the past 2 years of putting out a quarterly pin-up magazine, numerous calendars each year, many band c.d.’s and lots of work in local publications, I see my next projects taking off as, a best off RJB photography book, a studio lighting, on location, how to book, maybe even a photo heavy cook book of my own recipes along with a cooking calendar! Make sure to keep up with me on my face-book page, as “RJB Photo Seattle“.

We are so grateful for all of Robs work over the years and will continue to support such a wonderful artist.                 Miss March Drew Blood RJB Photo        

The Shanghai Pearl RJB Photo


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