Miss September-Sandy Glaze

Sandy Glaze founded Sin in Linen in 2004 to express her desire to bring the culture she lives into consumer home textile products.  Sin in Linen pairs evocative designs with traditional linens for bed, bath, kitchen and home décor. We caught up with the powerful proprietrix to find out about how passion, style, and music inspired designs and what the future holds for the always enticing styles of Sin in Linen.

How would you describe your personal style?

Down to earth and a little unexpected. I don’t fuss over my style but like to project a sense of fun and sensuality.

What are some of your major influences that helped develop who you are today, i.e. music, places, fashion, movies…etc.

I was born in Hawaii so Hawaiian music, tropical colors, foods and smells touch me deeply. We moved to Hermosa Beach in Los Angeles where I got hooked on the raw energy and DIY spirit of early 80’s punk rock. Bowie, Nick Drake, Captain Beefheart, Hawkwind, High on Fire; I love music and am always hungry to be inspired sonically. I’m a fan of Disney and Spaghetti Westerns but don’t find a lot of time for movies these days. I find solace and happiness in cooking for friends and loved ones. In fashion I’m not drawn to particular styles or trends but am influenced by anyone who is ‘feeling it’ in what they wear. Natural style spans any age or genre.

What was your inspiration to start Sin in Linen?

I saw a need to provide a product on the market which allowed people to express their individual style in home decorating.

In what ways has passion influenced you and the company?

Passion is core to what I do. Oftentimes, it all I’ve got and I really believe in allowing passion to drive me.

How has your personal style influenced the designs for Sin?

Directing design projects comes from inside so all Sin in Linen designs have some reference to personal experiences. Whether it’s a concert, piece of historical art, a flash of color in the corner of my eye. Design can be deeply personal.

What remains exciting in your day to day with Sin?

Color, texture, patterns, interaction, gumption, fun, connection to my community.

What’s next for Sin?

Retaining unique style while appealing to a wider audience with designs that span varied time periods and moods.

Experience the passion of Sandy Glaze and Sin in Linen in your home today at SinInLinen.com


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