No Glitter Witches Here by Sin’s Sarah

Naturally, Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday! Every year I try and slowly sneak it into my house before October 1st in hopes my room mates won’t notice. Most of my Halloween Decor is proudly displayed year round so I usually just add more creepy black accents and precious pumpkins to the mix. This is the perfect time of the year for me to showcase my extensive Sin in Linen collection.

Spider Web Table Cloth

Spider Web Table Cloth

My dining room table is currently draped in a spooky and stylish Spider Web Table Cloth. I put some of my favorite decorations on the table, a beautiful and dramatic Gothic iron candle holder,  a pretty glass pumpkin, a handmade gasoline-stained wooden skull from Mexico and a house plant in a black pot that resembles a tainted black poison apple. Setting the entire scene, you can see I have the Sin in Linen Leopard Curtains, they stay up year round.

Spider Web Napkin

Spider Web Napkin

Also, in my dining room I have a small wine cabinet made of a dark caramel colored wood . I cleverly placed a Spider Web Napkin  to act as a table runner and added these adorably creepy spider candle holders.

Voodoo Bones Curtains

Voodoo Bones Curtains

In my kitchen I have spine-chilling, dark spells down in the bayou style Voodoo Bones Curtains. My house was last remodeled in the 70’s so we have lots of awesome retro accents like this light fixture, we also have plenty of vintage oranges and greens so I try and stick with black Halloween decorations. Right now, it looks like a retro-swanky haunted house.

Skull Bedding

Skull Throw Pillow

Among other things in my living room I have some of my favorite old school Sin in Linen items. Flagship Skull Throw Pillows, Black Sequin Throw Pillows and a Skull and Crossbones Throw Blanket will happily live on in my house for years to come. In my window, I added even more spooky style with Sin’s current line of Spider Web Curtains. At night the curtains look really wicked from outside because all you can see is the white outlines of the spider webs, truly haunting!

Spider Web Bedding

Spider Web Bedding

My dark and divine bedroom is my favorite room in the house, as it should be. It is truly what dark and stormy dreams are made of! Its my comfortable sanctuary of darkness. I like to make everything match my hazy gray walls. My Black Sequin Curtains block out all the light so I sleep snug as a bug. I like to mix and match my Sin in Linen bedding and change it frequently,  but right now I have a Spider Web Duvet Cover and Shams with my Skull and Crossbones Sheets and Pillowcases.

Halloween Bathroom

Halloween Bathroom

Normally in my bathroom I have a Gray Halloween Pinup Bath Towel up year round but for Halloween I switch it to Skulls. As seen above I have a Kathy Steig Skull Bath Towel hanging below my window that is covered in Spider Web Valances. I also have a Skull Hand Towel hanging next to the sink.

As you can see I like to keep my decorations dark and moody. I steer away from the traditional smiling skulls and glitter witches you see in stores. I’m inspired by things I think the Adams Family would have in their home, and I think if they stopped by for the night they would find my home creepy and cozy and it would be difficult getting them to leave, but I would happily welcome their hauntings any time!

Happy Home Decor Haunting- Sarah


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