Miss June, Part 1 – Miss Kitty Baby!

Miss Kitty Baby! Photo by Evan Draeger Photography

Miss Kitty Baby! Photo by Evan Draeger Photography

What do you do for a living?

I am a Maritime Inspector for Seattle’s thriving fishing industry.

If you had a super power what would it be?

My super power would be to add more hours to a day to get more done.

Favorite Book?

Flags Of Our Fathers by James Bradley.

Food you couldn’t live without?

Fresh Fruit – it’s both sweet and healthy.

10 things you cant live without?

  1. Lipstick
  2. Friends
  3. Community
  4. My vintage clothing and accessories collection
  5. Coffee
  6. Hair Dye
  7. Red Nail Polish
  8. A fancy perfume
  9. Art to appreciate
  10. My music collection

What do you do for fun? 

I collect vintage clothing and jewelry and other wearable accessories.

What is your favorite Sin in Linen print? 

The Geisha Garden is my favorite design to date.

If you could meet anyone who would it be? 

Chesty Puller.

Tell us a little about yourself: 

Miss Kitty Baby is vintage style burlesque performer, go-go dancer, and pinup girl.  She is the founder and manager of The Pinup Angels ‘Pinups Supporting Our Troops’.  She deeply appreciates art and community and is fiercely loyal to both.

If someone wants to know more about your where can they find you? www.misskittybaby.com

Miss Kitty Baby is shown in the calendar modeling on our Rainbow Pride Bedding.


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